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Title : Nature Walk

Nature Walk

As a part  learning activity under the ongoing ‘Earth Week’  observance in school the students from classes VI-VIII went for a nature walk on April 17, 2017.  The science facilitators discussed with the students about the importance of environment, terms like ecosystem, green house effect and global warming. The students explored the plants and trees grown in the vicinity as they learnt about their names and that they are grown in the particular region. The students also visited the Hydroponic Plant in school and were apprised about the different plants grown such as medicinal ( Tulsi, Aloevera and Neem), flowers ( Gajenia and Pansy), Ornamental Plants ( Rose, Marigold and Hibiscus) and cactuses and ferns that can grow and survive in very hot climate due to their adaptive features. The walk was indeed a rich learning experience for the students as they gained knowledge about plants and trees and certainly about the eternal value of gifts of Nature in lives.


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