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Title : Ad mad show

Ad mad show


To initiate a thinking process among children so that they can  differentiate between numerous products available in the market, TIHS conducted an Ad Mad Competition for class IV on April17, 2017. The objective of the competition was to provide students a space to demonstrate their understanding of the media world of advertisements and to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements.

 Students created innovative advertisements on Fashion, Toiletries, Food and Mobile phones. The live advertisements had excellent input of humor along with conceptual ad presentation by the students.  All the talented students put in a lot of unusual ideas  and exhibited an amazing show which was a perfect blend of creative jingles and innovative props . Students showed various products we consume in our daily life like dettol, colgate, shampoo etc. besides showing ads with social messages like save water, donate blood, use mobiles discreetly etc. It was a good confidence building exercise for the children and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


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