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Title : Project Paridhi

Project Paridhi

“Astronomy is useful because it raises us above ourselves; it is useful because it is grand. It shows us how small is man’s body, how great his mind, since his intelligence can embrace the whole of this dazzling immensity”


Project Paridhi is a Space initiated Science Project. Under this project students measure the circumference of the Earth by replicating the actual measurements of the shadow of Gnomon made by sun to gather the size of earth and its shape as done 2300 years back by astronomer Eratosthenes.

On September 30, 2016, the activity was conducted for the students of class VII. The day started with a presentation thereby explaining the students about importance of Project Paridhi as well as its conduction method. Students conducted the experiment in the School ground and took the readings of the shadow at different time intervals. Using simple geometry and trigonometry, they calculated circumference of Earth. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity as they participated with full zeal and arrived at solutions having accuracy more than 90%.




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