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“Karma Yoga is giving food to the hungry, clothes to the needy, shelter to the homeless, education to the uneducated, medicine to the sick, and trees and cleanliness to the environment.”

Cleanliness, we all know, is next to godliness.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan our clean India Mission, a national campaign by the Government of India was officially launched on Oct 22, 2014, at Rajghat, by our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Keeping this very spirit alive we at, ‘The Indian Heights’ also carried out the cleanliness drive on Oct 5, 2016, at a nearby public park. Children of the primary wing participated with all enthusiasm and zeal and contributed shramdan. The children were armed with placards with various slogans written by them and head gears (innovative & colorful) with messages (social) highlighted on it.

The little faces were over excited to be a part of it.

Before the children left the school premises to carry out this mission they were motivated by our revered principal Mrs. Archana Narain. She spoke on the need to clean the classrooms, homes & the surroundings. She insisted that one should be clean both physically and mentally. One must speak good and act good too.

The children cleaned the park and in their own little way contributed to the cleanliness of the society at large.



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