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Title : School Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti

School Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti

The students of the primary wing paid their tribute to the Father of the Nation, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ October 1 2016 by conducting a spectacular assembly adorned with wide array of performances. The day commenced with Bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jan’, followed by floral tribute to the great leader by the school coordinators. This was followed by a Kathak performance by the students of class III. Through the dance performance the students invoked the blessings of Lord Vishnu and his ten incarnations. Next  the rendition of a group medley ‘ De Di Hamein Azaadi’ by the students of class IV and V further evoked the patriotic fervour as everyone present joined along and sang the song. The students from class V through a dance drama further highlighted the role of Mahatma Gandhi as the apostle of peace and non- violence which assumes more importance and relevance in the present day scenario at global level. The need of the hour is to inculcate the values like honesty, truth and non-violence in our future generation for which the Mahatma lived and died for.


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