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Title : Brown Colour Day Celebration in school

Brown Colour  Day Celebration in school

The students from pre primary wing celebrated ‘The Brown Day’ on September 30, 2016 by flaunting the earthly colours in their attire and highlighting its significance. The colour holds a lot of relevance as it represents the colour of soil, of humility and all absorbing  and all forgiving .The little ones spoke on the importance of the Brown colour and also enjoyed delicacies (e.g. chocolates,brownies ,chocos etc.) made or hued in the colour.It was a rich learning experience for the young ones as it taught them the importance of yet another very important colour in their life.Plethora of activities viz ‘Roll the brown ball’, mixing and matching with brown colour,rhymes related to the colour and things associated with it  were conducted in the school premises and last but not the least  the proud Tihsians walked away with a ‘Teddy Bear’ head gear.




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