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Title : Hindi Rhyme & Recitation Competition Little Steps

Hindi Rhyme & Recitation Competition Little Steps

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To celebrate Hindi Diwas, Intra class Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competitions were organized for the students of Step I & Step II on September 14, 2016 & September 15, 2016 respectively.

As we all know, poem is a means for enjoyment and the children, specially, enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words.  For our little ones it was an opportunity to showcase their expression, talent and confidence. The children chose a variety of topics for their recitation like nature, mother, flower etc with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. They used beautiful props to convey their message.

It was a wonderful experience for both the teachers & judges as they were overwhelmed by these tiny tots.

Although each & every participant was a winner in his/ her own way, yet the results for the competition are as follows:




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