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Title : Kidzz Number Carnival Week

 Kidzz Number Carnival Week

  Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning

At the Indian Heights school our objective is not to teach the students by force instead they are directed to what amuses their mind so that the genius in each child can be discovered.

Keeping the above objective in mind the school has organized “Kidzz Number Carnival Week” for the students of Little Steps from September 19 to September 23, 2016. Although all learning in the Little Steps is play way learning but the goal of organizing this carnival is to make students enthusiastic about learning their numbers & shapes in a fun way.

First day of the Kidzz Number Carnival saw the students playing Hopscotch in the foyers and learning counting. Students of Step I excitedly hopped to the number spoken by the teacher. This made recognition of numbers for the little ones easy & fun. Students of Step II learned skip counting and backward counting while hopping on the given numbers.

The concepts were reinforced by letting the kids practice the same in the worksheets. We are sure that learning of the concepts through these playway methods will go a long way.






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