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Title : Adolescence and Health workshop

Adolescence and Health workshop

We believe that no organization can work without the support of multiple stakeholders and our school is no exception. Our major stakeholders are parents who contribute towards our progress through their constant support and enthusiasm.  We would like to thank all the parents who have been participating wholeheartedly in our Home-School Program and enhancing the awareness of our students through their expertise.  Recently one of our Parents Dr. Aarushi a radiologist by profession conducted a workshop for the girls of classes VI-VIII on the topic ‘Adolescence and  Health ’.  In   today’s technology ridden world it has become imperative to provide hands on experience and knowledge to students about health so that they have complete knowledge about the various health issues and hormonal changes observed in adolescence.

In the session she spoke about the transitional phase in each teenager’s life and the importance of accepting these changes. She emphasized on the importance of sharing one’s thoughts about bodily changes, hormonal influences and maturity with at least one parent, who could satiate their curious minds. It was a very interactive session as eventually the students came over their apprehensions and started asking questions about their physical development and the way their perspectives change over time.


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