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Title : World Scholar's Cup

World Scholar’s Cup

‘Each child has the potential to be an achiever’. We bring this motto to reality by providing students with various opportunities which caters to the needs of all. In continuum to this thought, a workshop was organized on August 29, 2016 by a team of experts from the World Scholar’s Cup, which is a Non-profit initiative. The resource people for the day were Mr. Daniel Berdichevsky, founder of the World Scholar’s Cup, Mr. Vishal Verma, program director in India, Ms. Aimee Watts and Ms. Jolene D’Silva.  The World Scholar’s Cup is a global academic tournament that combines debate, collaborative writing, multiple choice tests and multimedia quiz. The core idea is to motivate students to focus on their existing skills and strengths, but also to develop new ones. Today’s session gave students a brief idea about the program.



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