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Title : The Alpha Fest Week (English Week)

The Alpha Fest Week (English Week)

Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning

A Show-n-Tell Competition for Step II Students marked the day three of the Alpha Fest. The theme for the Competition was “I am thankful to god for …..”. It highlighted the value taken up for the month (gratitude).  The competition not only demonstrated an understanding of listening and speaking skills of our students but also it helped them to imbibe the value of “Gratitude” as they spoke about the things/people they are thankful for. Our young students overwhelmed the judges and their teachers when they spoke passionately  about their families, natural resources, planet earth, colours, sun, wind among other things they are thankful for.

The props carried by students reflected the interest and participation of the parents in the education of their children. We thank the parents for their effort.

The confidence displayed by all the students was remarkable. It was a tough task for the judges and most of the positions were shared by more than one participant. Keep it up little ones!!



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