Information - Admission in Class XI

The school offers Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.
The subject stream options are as follows:

Sr.No. Science Commerce Humanities
1 English English English
2 Physics Accountancy History
3 Chemistry Business Studies Political Science
4 Mathematics Economics Economics
5 Biology / Computer Science / Physical Education Mathematics / Physical Education Psychology / Physical Education

• Grades required in class X board results are
A for Science
English A1, A2
Science A1, A2
Maths A1, A2
B for Commerce
English A1, A2, B1
Maths A1, A2, B1
Social Science A1, A2, B1
C for Humanities
English A1, A2, B1
Social Science A1, A2, B1

• Admissions to class XI are open. Parents can come to the school with class IX performance profile and Summative Assessment – I of class X for the admission in class XI.

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